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Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Alex Ferguson mahu khidmat Khairul Fahmi?

Artikel yang dipetik dari laman MUFC
After two hour,Malaysia team won the AFF Suzuki Cup against Indonesia at Glaro Bung Karno Stadium, Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United want to use Khairul Fahmi to replace Van Der Sar.

Khairul Fahmi is one of the important characters in the success of the Malaysia Team in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. His success in keeping the Malaysia goal from indonesia attack in the early minutes of the game attracted a manager of Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson said "he is one of the best goalkeepers ever be produced, and if given the chance he could be a row of Buffon, Cassilas and Van Der Sar .

"Van Der Sar is one of the best goalkeeper we ever have, but when he says the desire to retire, we need someone who can keep the goal and he (Khairul Fahmi) is the best candidate we have for the time being" said Sir Alex Ferguson.

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